The Press, a Poem, in Two Parts, with Other Pieces. By John M‘Creery. 2nd ed. London: William Pickering, 1828.  153.


Slow steals the tide on India’s scented shore,
The winnowing breezes skim the surface o’er;
From ocean-depths, where many a wonder lies,
Playful and proud, the living navies rise;
Press’d from the beauteous shell th’ obtrusive brine,
The light bark floats--its tinted furrows shine;
The filmy sails their tender powers display,
Impell’d--it glides along the liquid way;
Its oary arms the yielding waves divide,
And swifter now it skims the peaceful tide;
Whilst two fine tendrils, for the helm design’d,
Steer the gay vessel as they shoot behind.
And thus the NAUTILUS will gaily sail
O’er the smooth brine, when zephyr breathes the gale.

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