Underglimpses, and Other Poems. By D. Florence Mac Carthy, M.R.I.A., Author of "Ballads, Poems, and Lyrics," Etc. Etc. London: David Bogue, 1857.


Two golden links are added to the chain,
  Dear Love, that binds our separate lives in one,
  Two short-lived radiant children of the Sun,
  Two years, brief years of mingled light and rain,
Have passed away, since thou and I begun
  Our married life: and smiling Time, again,
  Life’s ductile ore with cheerful hand hath ta’en
  To add one wonder more to what he hath done.
The Past, the Present,--Memories of the brain,
  And the heart’s living joys their bright course run;--
  They have their links: and has the future none
  Whereby to cling to ’mid its vast inane?
Fear not, dear Love, for fear were worse than vain,
  Have we not two--a Daughter and a Son?
                                        January, 1851.

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