Lysaght, Edward.  "Fragment."   Poems, by the Late Edward Lysaght Esq., Barrister at Law. Dublin: Gilbert and Hodges, 1811.  41-42.


To Miss Owenson.

The muses met me once, not very sober,
     But full of frolic, at your merry christ’ning--
And now, this twenty-third day of October,
     As they foretold, to your sweet lays I’m list’ning:
They called you "infant muse," and said your lyre
Should one day wake your nation’s latent fire;
They ordered Genius garlands to entwine
For Sydney;–me, i’faith, they plied with wine!

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[Note from 1811 edition:]

*Mr. Lysaght was god-father to our successful authoress and fair country-woman. The imaginary prediction of the muses, as given in this extract, is verified in reality. True it is, Miss Owenson has "waked our nation’s latent fire," by the feeling, fancy, and imagination severally evinced in her works preceding "The Missionary," which in itself embraces all those poetic excellencies.