Lysaght, Edward.  "The Maid of Merrion."   Poems, by the Late Edward Lysaght Esq., Barrister at Law. Dublin: Gilbert and Hodges, 1811. 72-73.

Tune–"The Maid of Lodi."

There dwells, near Dublin city,
   Where Merrion bounds the sea,
A nymph divinely pretty,
   Deck’d by the graces three:
Her flowing locks are jetty,
   Her eyes, so bright they be,
You’d swear that mind is witty,
   Which thro’ her eyes you see.

No maid of Dublin city,
   Whate’er her high degree,
By nature’s formed like Kitty--
   Her fav’rite child is she.
I sought in simple ditty
   To wake soft sympathy;
Alas! she knows no pity,
   At least, knows none for me!

From gay companions flying,
   I’m lost to lively glee;
I vent my soul in sighing,
   I almost wish ’twere free.
When pale and breathless lying
   Beneath some willow tree,
May-hap, my fate espying,
   She’ll drop one tear for me!

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