Lysaght, Edward.  "Lines."   Poems, by the Late Edward Lysaght Esq., Barrister at Law. Dublin: Gilbert and Hodges, 1811. 68-71.

Written on leaving Fort-William, the seat of William Crawford, Esq.

Let indifference freeze in the heart of the cold,
In fighting with feeling, I own I’m not bold;
On leaving Fort-William, friends, mirth and good cheer,
Tho’ going to friends, I could scarce check a tear.
Like a bully I bluster’d, and tried to seem gay,
So I twirl’d round my hat, with "God bless you.–Huzza!"
Not suffering my phiz to confess me dejected,
Off I canter’d at first, with the gay soul affected:
Soon I sunk to a trot, (the two lacquies behind)
Consulting my muse, and consoling my mind;
And I vow’d that I’d vent both my grief and regard
In a few hasty lines, when I’d get to Dromard.[1]
Arrived there, and welcom’d, my good Mrs. Lidwell
Perceiving me glum, kindly ask’d "if I did well?"
And knowing my trim–beef and port’s on the table,
So I’ll bumper your healths to a rhyme, if I’m able.
The Hostess[2]: whose every action evinces
She wishes to make us all happy as princes;
The Host[3]: whose good qualities haste must condense--
Hospitality, manliness, truth, and good sense:
The Children, my darlings, together are huddled,--
A bumper to each would soon make me quite fuddled.
Cooper Crawford, Esq.[4] of attention and skill,
And an honest good soul, though a lad of the quill.
Here’s a glass to Maria,[5] their amiable guest;
Beauty smiles on her face, honor reigns in her breast;
With soundness of judgment, with sweetness and grace,
She’s an angel in virtue as well as in face.
Here’s Sydney,[6] the favorite child of the muses,
Who ever writes well, and as fast as she chooses.
Heaven bless the whole groupe!–when it next is God’s will,
That I enter the house on the green sloping hill,
May the Host and Hostess be healthy and hearty;
May ev’ry good fortune attend the whole party:
May the children improve by kind nature’s progression,
The girls in each grace, and soft beauty’s expression;
And Cooper, the boy, (not a finer I know)
In vigour of body and mind may he grow:
Heaven bless you again!–my express is in haste:
I dread my sad scrawling can scarcely be trac’d:
Like my faults, let this be by your kindness effac’d.

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[Notes from 1811 edition:]

1. The seat of George Lidwell, Esq. near Thurles, county of Tipperary. [return to text]

2.  Mrs. W. Crawford.  [return to text]

3.  Wm. Crawford, Esq.  [return to text]

4.  C. Crawford, Esq. Hume-street.  [return to text]

5.  Miss Maria Harrold.  [return to text]

6.  Miss Owenson.  [return to text]