Lysaght, Edward.  "Grattan and Freedom."   Poems, by the Late Edward Lysaght Esq., Barrister at Law. Dublin: Gilbert and Hodges, 1811. 11-15.


Since the Union, poor Dublin lay dozed,
   Oppressed with dismay and dejection,--
Till Patrick’s kind voice interposed,
   Saying, "Hasten to Grattan’s election!"
Be advised by our tutelar saint;
   Vile bigots and knaves, never heed ’em;
Corruption’s grown hopeless and faint
   At the mention of Grattan and Freedom!

Some minions, (vile bigotry’s tools)
   Who have got selfish hearts and dull sconces,
Would to parliament send solemn fools
   Fit to represent blockheads and dunces.
Their legible characters base,
   There’s none of us all but can read ’em;
Dull knavery’s stampt on each face
   That vilifies Grattan and Freedom.

You Merchants, a liberal train,
   (Some few, very few, are ungrateful)
Remember who struck off the chain
   From your trade, so oppressive and hateful.
More blessings from Erin he sought,
   Till destiny hence had decreed ’em;
To all public virtue forgot,
   Shall we traffic our Grattan and Freedom?

The Lawyers the libel refute
   Of Junius, who says they’re contracted,
And zealously favour his suit
   By whom such good laws were enacted.
For Grattan has studied our rights--
   No advocate like him can plead ’em;
Each sound-hearted lawyer delights
   To bustle for Grattan and Freedom.

Distinguish’d by honor’s true pride,
   Physicians, at liberty’s station,
Will vote for the man who applied
   Much balm to the wounds of our nation.;
The children of Erin he’d heal,
   While others would blister and bleed ’em;
(The faculty’s pulse let me feel;)
   Oh! it’s beating for Grattan and Freedom!

Honest Crispins will serve him with pleasure,
   For he’ll prove a good soul to the last, sir;
Worthy Tailors are sure every measure
   He’ll take, will be good as the past, sir.
The Gard’ners and Seedsmen revile
   Rank knaves, and from Erin they’d weed ’em;
They say, "To protect our green isle
   "From a blight, give us Grattan and Freedom."

The Barbers their votes are bestowing
   On Grattan, the man to a hair, sir,
Who’d keep Erin’s welfare a growing,
   While others would shave it quite bare, sir;
They rail at the thick muddy bloods
   Of blockheads, and say, "We don’t need ’em;–
"Our country they’d leave in the suds,
   "So our poll is for Grattan and Freedom."

For serving their trade in our isle,
   The Brewers his cause will maintain, sir;
They know (tho’ a man without guile)
   He’s clever, and honest in grain, sir:
As clear and as sound as brown-stout,
   With froth he disdains to mislead ’em:
Drink the king;–then the tankard about;--
   To Erin, to Grattan and Freedom!

The Bricklayers, manly and true,
   Acknowledge with grateful effusion,
That Grattan, in famed Eighty-two,
   Erected a fine constitution:
Tho’ all this free-mason did build
   Some slaves have pulled down, (d—l speed ’em,)
The brothers of this worthy guild
   Are cemented with Grattan and Freedom.

The Hosiers and Hatters assert
   He’s right from the heel to the crown, sir;
The people he’ll never desert,
   Nor let just prerogative down, sir.
Each Butcher, that’s honest, disdains
   All hirelings, and wonders who’d breed ’em;--
"Who’d choose a calf’s-head without brains?
   "On your marrow-bones drink Hal. and Freedom!

And all the industrious neighbours,
   Whatever their callings may be, sir,
Should side with the man whose life’s labours
   Would make us all happy and free, sir.
Bless the king!–At his word of command
   We’ll hazard our lives, should he need ’em,
For the rights and delights of our land.--
   For Erin, and Grattan and Freedom!

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